🎲$DUO Token

Token Info

$DUO token emission is subject to be reduced according to inflation

Emission rate

  • 0.8 $DUO / sec

  • 9.09% Eco commission for project growth and cooperation

9.09% $DUO eco commission from emission will be used exclusively for future partnerships with other farms and vaults. None of this commission will ever be sold to the open market, which would negatively affect the price of the $DUO token.


Premined $DUO

  • 8,000 $DUO for initial liquidity provide

$DUO emission after launch

  • Mining: 2,419,200 $DUO Max (69,120 $DUO / Day)

  • Eco commission: 241,920 $DUO Max (6,912 $DUO / Day)

  • Referral: 72,576 $DUO Max (upto 2,073.6 $DUO / Day)

Total 2,741,696 $DUO Max

Based on 5 weeks (35 days) of operation period.

Eco commission won't be sold to the market.

Referral won't be mined if a user deposits without referral.

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