Monopoly Layer 3 - POLY

Top High-APR Yield Farming Project on Arbitrum

Core Team

In terms of investing in a DeFi project, the most important thing is not to be rug-pulled. Through various previous projects, the core team shown the users another success story which has given us more credibility.

Cumulative TVL $320M+ CEO Pagu's KYC on Layer2 of HoneyFarm - HoneyBear.


Monopoly Finance is a layered delegated yield farming project with deflationary tokenomics with upgraded features from former HoneyFarm layers. A Layered farming protocol is an yield farm that develops in features and token economics when moving on to the next layer with a phase shift. Monopoly's layer 3 governance token, $POLY, will start its emission on Jun 2nd, 12:00 PM UTC. Among the aspects of DeFi investment, the best one is 'not to be rugged'. Under Monopoly, there should be no one worrying about it. Then, back to the basic, the origin goal of 'investment' is to 'make profit'. The core team has shown it through the previous projects clearly. For Monopoly, the core team will focus on simple and basic features helping users to strategically design ones own revenue routes. Alongside with those features, it will create wide-range of eco-system that Monopoly's native tokens will be used and burned. "In Monopoly, every player has the opportunity to create their own empire, limited only by their imagination and strategy." - ChatGPT, June 2018~


  • Deposit Fee

  • Withdraw Fee

  • Golden Key: Deposit $sPOLY, get some Golden Keys!

  • Referral Program: Invite friends to acquire referral yield bonus

  • $sPOLY: staked $POLY used for sharing the profits of the procotol, 'Real Yield'!

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