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① Wallet Balance: Amount of $POLY in your wallet ② Staked Tokens: Amount of $sPOLY in your wallet ③ Vesting amount: Amount of $sPOLY being released (unstaked) to $POLY ④ Claimble: Amount of $POLY claimable while being released (unstaked) from $sPOLY ⑤ Vesting end: The time when the full amount of $sPOLY released (unstaked) ⑥ Stake POLY → sPOLY: Stakes $POLY in your wallet to $sPOLY after wallet approvement ⑦ Unstake sPOLY → POLY: Unstakes $sPOLY in your wallet to $POLY after wallet approvement ⑧ Claim POLY: Claims released $POLY from $sPOLY under unstaking


$POLY can be staked on Monopoly Finance to be converted to $sPOLY. $sPOLY can be deposited to Golden Key pools to earn the share of protocol profit in forms of $ETH, $BTC, $USDC, $USDT and so on, the real yield.


Unstaking takes 5 days to fully convert $sPOLY to $POLY. During 5 days, users can receive $POLY linearly for every seconds and can claim it anytime.

If a user unstakes any additional amount of $sPOLY, it adds the total unstakable amount and unstaking period resets to 5 days again.


  • Day 1: User A unstakes 100 $sPOLY

  • Day 3: User A adds 100 $sPOLY to their unstaked amount

  • Claimed(Day 3): 40 $POLY

  • Remaining unstaked(Day 3): 160 $sPOLY

  • Daily claimable for the next 5 days: 32 $POLY

Claim doesn't affect on the period of unstaking

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