Initial Monopoly Offering for POLY

Monopoly Finance is going to host Pre-IMO for $POLY before the start of Monopoly. Simply, commit $DUO or $USDC to get $POLY.

Pre-IMO Start

Information (ā€» Must Read)

āœ… Duration: 24 hours (Jun 1st, 10:00 AM UTC ~ Jun 2nd 10:00 AM UTC) āœ… Price: $25 / $POLY āœ… Amount: 6,400 $POLY ($160,000 worth) for offering / 400 $POLY for Overflow Farming āœ… Accepting Token: $USDC / $DUO āœ… Distribution Token: $POLY / $sPOLY āœ… Method: FCFS / Overflow Farming āœ… Pools

  • Whitelisted addresses will be announced through official channels

Please refer to $sPOLY Token page for the details of $sPOLY

Pre-IMO End + $POLY Claim Button Activate

Jun 2nd, 10:00 AM UTC

How will raised $USDC be used?

If the cap is 100% filled, - 90K of $USDC will be used for initial $POLY-$USDC liquidity supply - 50K of $USDC will be used for Golden Key pools - $20K worth of $DUO will be burned for good


What is Overflow Farming?

Users can deposit $USDC / $DUO early to IMO pools and farm more $POLY than those who deposit later.

With Overflow Farming, early birds can maximize the capital efficiency and get more $POLY as reward so that the price per unit is lower than others who participate late. Moreover, the overflow farming reward is $POLY, which users can utilize freely without unstaking period.

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